Do you love pets? Some of you may have one or more pets at home. They are good companions. What about dogs? Do you think they are fit as your companion? Of course there are a lot of street dogs or known as “asong-kalye” in the Philippines. But, I’m not talking about those kind of dogs. What are the different breed of dogs? Probably, you have one at home.

Siberian Husky

Well, have you ever seen such an adorable dog? If he’s a man, I would describe him as the most handsome man. That’s true! It’s such a wonderful breed of dog. If you glance it at once, you can think that it is a wolf. It has a beautiful pair of striking eyes. A very appealing dog. It’s not just because of its looks but this kind of dog is also intelligent.

German Shepherd

It’s a cool dog! It can easily adapt cold weather. You can have it at home because it can easily socialize with people, which means this dog is friendly and affectionate to humans. It is also intelligent and easy to train.

Shih Tzu

It’s a very cute dog! Perfect to have it at home. It looks like a toy, a cute one. Just make sure to have its proper grooming because of its long hair. Well, you can also pony tail it especially if you want to expose its cute eyes.

Chow Chow

This kind of dog looks like a lion and a bear at the same time. But, it’s really cute! Since it has a thick fur, you must let this dog have a regular grooming. It’s a friendly and a loyal dog. You can have one!


I love its pure and thick white fur! I guess my worries will disappear as long as I hug this dog.